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Atlas Roofing Corporation

2000 RiverEdge Parkway
Suite 800
Atlanta, GA 30328
United States of America

Fax: (770) 952-3170
Toll Free: (800) 388-6134
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CONTACT: Atlas Roofing Corporation
Fax: (770) 952-3170 Toll Free: (800) 388-6134

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Atlas Roofing Corporation is an innovative, customer-oriented manufacturer of residential and commercial building materials. Atlas has grown from a single roofing shingle manufacturing facility in 1982 into an industry leader with 15 plants in North America and worldwide product distribution.

 All Atlas products are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities and shipped worldwide from its network of manufacturing plants and distribution facilities in the United States and Canada. Atlas Roofing Corporation is made up of 4 major divisions, Residential Roofing Products, Commercial Building Materials, Web Technologies, and Falcon Foam.

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