National Carpet Mills

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  • Toll Free: 888.425.7971
  • National Carpet Mills
  • 5195 Maingate Drive
  • Mississauga, ON L4W 1G4
  • Canada

National Carpet Mills

National Carpet Mills  - Carpeting

National Carpet has an unmatched commitment to customer service and timely deliveries. With more than three million square feet of carpet in stock and our close proximity to Canada’s major transportation centres, delivery to anywhere in Canada takes only a matter of hours or days.

Our vertically integrated production facility in Mississauga Ontario and a highly qualified team of production technicians ensures that our quality is consistent and second to none. We are focused on outstanding performance, both from our products and from our employees.

National Carpet crafts Canada’s best carpet. Our products are designed by Canadians specifically for the Canadian marketplace. With colours inspired by the natural beauty of our outdoor environment, we strive to construct products which will enhance the health, warmth, and acoustics of the indoor environment. The result is a remarkable level of comfort for all Canadian homes and offices.
National Carpet Mills, Canada’s Carpet Company.