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Tel: 434-846-2721 Fax: 434-847-5843 Toll Free: 800-936-4343

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In 1992, Calvin Henning, his wife Denise Henning, and their business partner, David Boie, purchased Frost Paint and Oil Company of Minneapolis, MN. This was followed in 1995 by the acquisition of Davis Paint Manufacturing Company of Lynchburg, VA.
The combined businesses were re-named Davis-Frost, Inc.
In 1998 Davis-Frost purchased a modern industrial coatings plant in Tulsa, OK, along with a distribution company (Midwest Industrial Coating) operating in that region.
Davis-Frost has for years been a supplier of quality coatings for the General Industrial Market. Frost Paint and Oil in Minneapolis served that regional market, while the Davis Paint Company in Lynchburg concentrated on the East Coast.
With the combination of these two companies and the addition of a manufacturing plant in Tulsa, Davis-Frost has become a national entity in the Industrial Coatings Market. Because of legislation and ecological awareness in the last few years, the needs of many of our customers have changed. Davis-Frost is proud of the fact that it has been able to offer workable products in Water-Reducible, HAPS-free and High Solids technologies. Special emphasis has been placed on developing these products to cause the least amount of need for line modifications by the end user.

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