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ZipWall® Barriers

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For years, builders, painters, carpenters, floor refinishers and do-it-yourselfers have been searching for a simple and effective method to control dust on the worksite. In fall 1996, Jeff Whittemore of Arlington, Massachusetts, Boston Magazine's "Best of Boston (1997) Floor Refinisher" developed the ZipWall® dust barrier. The idea came to him as he was challenged by a particularly difficult worksite configuration. He needed to invent a dust barrier for a house with large, open spaces, without damaging the home's floors or ceilings. Jeff accepted the job, scheduling it months in the future, determined to solve the dust containment problem by that time.

Sensing a very broad need for such a product, Whittemore spent countless hours envisioning the ideal dust control barrier. It needed to be flexible enough to accommodate variously-sized spaces; lightweight and portable; easy-to-assemble and virtually airtight. After his initial idea, Jeff hand-made a series of prototypes. Each prototype was tested and further improved until the product met all of Jeff's requirements. After filing the required patent applications, Whittemore's floor sanding crews tested the new product. When the final model was completed, a delighted assistant exclaimed to Whittemore. " I can't imagine how we did this before ZipWall® barriers".

One person can erect a 20 foot long ZipWall® barrier in less than one minute, saving a contractor time and money. This award-winning product has been honored by the press and hailed by professionals. It is recognized nationally and internationally as the best dust containment system available today.