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French Heritage Furniture

French Heritage Furniture - Furnishings

We craft each piece of furniture using the same techniques employed by French master craftsman for over 200 years. We use only the finest solid woods, primarily cherry, mahogany, oak and walnut, chosen from healthy mature trees. Panels are matched for color and grain with special care to avoid natural defects.

French Heritage furnishings have pinned mortise and tenon joints for strength and elegant detailing. Our armoires' cross rails dovetail into end panels to fortify their doors side to side. Tongue and groove paneling makes tabletops and doors feel seamless. And most carving is done by hand, to give each piece an individual beauty.

The innate splendor of every piece is enhanced by the finish. We hand-rub and polish our furniture using natural shellac, French polish and beeswax to create a lasting color and a rich, warm patina that will be enhanced over time.