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In the company of cooks
Not long ago, we took an informal survey of some of our fellow cooking enthusiasts. "Why," we asked, "do you cook?" To be in control, answered one. To share something of myself with my family and friends, said another. To "travel" through interesting ingredients and recipes, still another answered.

Later, it hit us. No one even mentioned that most basic of reasons to cook: to have something to eat. For some people, it seems, cooking satisfies a hunger much deeper than mere physical appetite. It's for these people that we design and build Wolf cooking instruments.

To be honest, we build them for ourselves too. For one thing, we're a company of passionate cooks. For another, we're part of the company that makes Sub-Zero luxury refrigeration and wine storage equipment. Bring those factors together - a passion for cooking and an insistence on supremely well-made equipment - and you find that we're a little like the novelist who said, "I couldn't find anything I wanted to read, so I had to write it." With us, it's "We couldn't find anything to cook with, so we had to build it."