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Riviera Cabinets

3860 Vermillion Street
Red Wing, Min 55066
United States of America

Fax: 800-822-5244
Toll Free: 800-598-4570
Website Addresshttp://www.rivieracabinets.com/


CONTACT: Riviera Cabinets
Fax: 800-822-5244 Toll Free: 800-598-4570

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 Riviera Cabinets 
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At Riviera Cabinets, we manufacture solutions to fit your lifestyle. We pride ourselves on our ability to supply quality products that offer the versatility to create the designs you desire.

  • Our 97,000 square foot manufacturing facility is centrally located in Red Wing, Minnesota.
  • Riviera Cabinets has produced fine quality cabinetry on a national level for over 40 years.
  • Pride in quality, attention to detail and sensitivity to what our customers are looking for makes Riviera Cabinets a very wise choice.

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