PARA Paints®

PARA Paints®

To better understand paint colours, it's important to understand how a paint product gets its colour. PARA uses a Base Paint Formulation System to achieve an almost limitless range of paint colours.

PARA Base Paint Formulation System
PARA Paints uses eight bases to give the ultimate in colour matching versatility and hiding power at the same time maintaining product quality and performance. All eight bases are used in our DesignLine3 Colour System. Please note that not all bases are available in each product line. Some colours are better used for interior applications only.

PARA Colour Formulations:
Most of PARA's paint colours and products are available in Quart (946ML), Gallon (3.78L) and Pail (5 Gallons/18.9L) container sizes. For better colour matching between latex and alkyd products, we’ve provided formulas for both of these types of paints.

Custom Colour Matching
PARA's base system of paints and stains allows for an almost limitless range of custom colours that can be created by your PARA Paints dealer. Most PARA dealers have colour matching computers that can match even the most difficult colour. It is important to note that for most colours, a trained colour technician can match colours to the same accuracy and speed as a computer. Computers help the colour matching process mostly by reducing the time it takes to create more complex colours and for matching colours in various types of paint, such as latexes and alkyds. Please inquire about custom colours and colour matching through your PARA Paints dealer when you're looking for colours or creating a colour scheme.*