Sikkens Coating Systems

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  • Sikkens /Akzo Nobel Decorative Coatings
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  • Netherlands

Sikkens Coating Systems

Sikkens Coating Systems - Paints and Coatings

Sikkens is an international paint brand owned by Akzo Nobel. It is a leading brand since 1792 for Car Refinishes, Decorative Coatings and Yacht Paints.

During the years the product assortment has grown thanks to the introduction of various new technologies. The co-operation with and services to architects, designers and professional painters has resulted in a strong position for protection and decoration, both interior and exterior.

Innovation in color collections and effects has confirmed the color competence for the Sikkens brand. The use of mixing machines now brings tens of thousands of different colors within reach.

This all demonstrates our efforts in the market, not only improving our products, but also offering technical support in training, application and color advice.