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Concord, ON L4K 2M6

Tel: 905-660-4992
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CONTACT: Aquabrass
Tel: 905-660-4992 Fax: 905-660-3073

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Aquabrass is proud to broaden its family products by offering architectural hardware, sinks and bathrooms consoles. Forged with noble and varied materials such has glass, porcelain, steel and wrought iron, Aquabrass products create an essential, unique and stylized link between our daily life and water.

Although Aquabrass' headquarters are located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, we also have sales offices and warehouses in Vancouver, Toronto and Pompano Beach in Florida. Our domestic market is mostly centered in North America, but Aquabrass, by its orientation, reaches all the continents.

Aquabrass manufactures its quality products in Italy, Spain and Canada. In order to meet our high quality standards, each and every item manufactured by Aquabrass has to be meticulously verified by a very strict quality control process.

The quality standards of Aquabrass exceed the industry requirements.

Aquabrass faucets play their role with class. Aquabrass brings us the water we need to maintain our vitality and comfort... an essential link between our life and the water that fills it. Aquabrass, taking full advantage as time flows on...

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