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Americh® Whirlpool & Tubs

Americh® Whirlpool & Tubs - Plumbing Fixtures

At Americh, we strive to make your therapeutic bathing a personal experience, from how it looks, to how it feels, to what it does, the choices are yours.

Since 1982, Americh has been the number one innovator in whirlpool technology. Whirlpools are what Americh built its reputation on, and we've earned our reputation by consistently offering the finest products on the cutting edge of innovation. Our whirlpools are fashioned from the finest materials available and unparalleled attention is given to every detail.

  • All of our jets are engineered and placed to provide maximum hydrotherapy for maximum relaxation.
  • Dual suction increases the performance of the whirlpool bath and acts as an added safety feature.
  • Low-level water sensor allows the pump to operate when a satisfactory amount of water is in the tub.
  • Removable, easy to clean, jet assemblies to help ensure that every Americh whirlpool is not only beautiful, but fresh, clean and reliable.
  • We realize that an access panel can be an unsightly necessity. We will gladly position the pump so that it can be placed in a more discreet position.
  • Rigorous quality inspections and a battery of tests are performed prior to shipment of each bathtub so we can offer the most comprehensive warranty in the business