Newport Gliders®

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Newport Gliders®

Newport Gliders® - Furnishings
Every glider in the Newport Glider® line is manufactured to last a lifetime. Every chair is built with one-inch or greater stock to ensure durability. Every part is glued, screwed and pin-nailed to add greater strength. The bearing mechanism is built with precision components that can only be found on the Newport Gliders® line. The proof of all our construction strengths can be easily tested against the competition. Just perform the following tests;


Take any chair in the Newport Glider® line and try to rock it left and right, putting pressure on the arms, back...anywhere! Take notice if there is any shifting, cracking or unusual movements. Take a partner and pick up any chair in the Newport Glider® line to experience the weight factor. Once your have completed these tasks, try any other glider line and see if you get the same results.


Take any chair in the Newport Glider® line and pull on the chair until it stops. Release your hold on the chair and count how many times the chair glides back and forth. Now perform this on any other glider line.

Once you have accomplished the above tests,
you will see why there is no comparable glider on the market.