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Tel: 877-582-1181
Fax: (715) 582-1182
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CONTACT: Aacer Flooring
Tel: 877-582-1181 Fax: (715) 582-1182 Toll Free: 877-582-1181 Email: genaacer@aacerflooring.com

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 Aacer Flooring  
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Aacer Sports Flooring is the world leader in high performance recreational wood sports floor system design. Aacer Channel, Aacer Flex, and Aacer ScissorLoc™ are just a few floors that set Aacer apart from the competition. AacerChannel™ is our patented fixed floating performance system. Aacer Flex is our shock absorbing performance system featuring our Aacer TriPower™ performance pad with vibration reduction ribs. Aacer ScissorLoc™ a flexible performance system that incorporates our patented PowerVent™ System. Aacer Flooring primarily manufactures northern hard maple and northern red oak strip hardwood flooring. Northern hardwoods have distinct advantages over their southern counterparts.

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