American Bright

American Bright

American Bright Lighting Inc. is a design and manufacturing entity focused on LED based lighting products for the commercial and residential general illumination markets. American Bright Lighting is an affiliate of American Bright Optoelectronics Corp, and benefits from American Bright Opto’s more than two decades of experience and expertise in LED solid state lighting application and manufacturing across many industries. American Bright Lighting is our response to an overwhelming market need in the general illumination field for the advancement of LED applications.

American Bright Lighting provides outstanding value and service in key niche applications where energy efficiency is paramount. LED lighting products like American Bright Lighting’s Patented (USPTO 7,859,196 , USPTO 7,977,892 , USPTO 8,258,720 ) SimpleTube™ freezer case light system revolutionize how retailers are viewing refrigerated display case lighting by offering up to 70% energy savings.

American Bright also has an outstanding reputation as a developmental and manufacturing partner of OEM lighting fixture companies. Our in-house engineering expertise and sourcing connections offer OEM customers the ability to enter and stand-out in the solid-state lighting arena, with lower investment and greater profitability.

American Bright Lighting upholds a philosophy of caring and commitment to our customers. With a constant focus on product quality and superior customer service, we offer reliable high quality products for the solid-state lighting market.