Schmidt Cabinet Company

Schmidt Cabinet Company “The rolling hills of Southern Indiana have a serenity all their own; the blooming dogwood trees that line the country lanes in the spring, the freshly painted barn across the meadow, and the hum of the distant sawmill. This is an area where craftsmen are molded. They take their dreams and turn them into reality. In l959, John H. Schmidt and his two sons, Calvin and Oddas, started their dream-Schmidt Cabinet Company. They had a simple philosophy; build it right, keep it affordable, and build it to last. As the years passed, the Schmidt family grew. As the second generation comes to pass, the craftsmanship is handed down. The ideals and ambitions of youth are meshed together with high morals and ethics of the past, making them a company of the FUTURE.” . John H. Schmidt – John Calvin Schmidt – Jonni Lynne Schmidt – John Anthony Beavers; 4 generations. Our aim is not to be everything to everyone, but to craft limited quantities of high quality furniture and to give our customers personal and individually unique products.