Aladdin Carpet by Mohawk

Aladdin Carpet by Mohawk

Aladdin Carpet by Mohawk is a collection of carpeting that represents a pledge to value and function. Aladdin is designed for consumers with active lifestyles. By and large, Aladdin Carpet is appropriate for bedrooms, living rooms, and family rooms. You will find a large selection of Aladdin carpet styles from many diverse fiber and yarn types such as nylon, PET polyester, and polypropylene each with its own physical characteristics and price points.

Aladdin Carpet was founded in 1958 as a manufacturer of small bathroom and throw rugs. In 1968, Aladdin Carpet grew into room-size area rugs and broadloom carpeting. By 1970, Aladdin had built the largest carpet manufacturing plant under one roof vastly improving quality and production. The 1980's brought growth at an unparalleled rate. Aladdin Carpet began to establish a distribution network to provide thousands of flooring retailers across America. Today, Aladdin’s carpet collection truly offers outstanding value. All carpeting from this brand is practical and merge with the needs of active lifestyles. It's the perfect carpet you need at the price you want.

The purchase of Aladdin by Mohawk Industries in 1994 provided Mohawk with the backbone of a distribution network and a product style line that complemented Mohawk's other brands. Today, Mohawk Carpet provides products covering every price point, fiber type, & styling option and operates one of the largest and most effective transportation systems in the world.

PET polyester
American consumers use and discard millions of plastic soft drink containers every day. Aladdin Carpet has perfected a way to recycle these plastic containers into beautiful, luxurious carpet.

Because plastic beverage bottles are made with top quality PET (polyethylene terephthalate) resins as required by the US Food & Drug Administration, the recycled product is superior to lower grades of synthetic fibers used in making other brands of carpet yarns. PET bottles are sorted, ground into fine chips, and then cleaned. These chips are then melted and extruded into fiber and spun into carpet yarn. We control every aspect of the process and are able to provide the finest quality to meet the highest standards of performance.

The specific warranties applicable to each specific style are designated on the samples featured by the authorized dealer at the time of the purchase of the carpet. See Store Sample for Warranty Details.

Mohawk Industries guarantees residential carpeting for a specified period from the date of original installation, provided the carpet is installed over a cushion meeting the manufacturer's recommendations in an owner-occupied single-family residence.

Mohawk Industries warrants that the surface pile of this carpet will resist stains by most household foods and beverages except as noted below. (No carpet is fully stain proof. Therefore, this warranty excludes stains from non-food and non-beverage substances; such foods and beverages that contain strongly colored natural disperse dyes as found, for example, in mustard and herbal tea; substances which destroy or change the color of carpets such as bleaches, acne medications, drain cleaners, plant food, vomit, urine and feces.)*