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Tel: 706-277-7095 Fax: 706-277-4157 Toll Free: 800-747-APAC Email: apac@apacadhesives.com

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About Us

Over years, the floor covering industry (carpet resilient, wood laminates and ceramic) the A&D community and customers alike have become more concerned about the environmental issues than ever before. No doubt, "green" has become the performance of choice in our market.

 As an adhesive manufacturer in the heart of the carpet industry, Dalton, Georgia, APAC knows the importance of supporting our industry's growth by manufacturing high performance VOC compliant adhesives. Many of APAC adhesives already carry the Carpet and Rug Institute's "Green Label Plus" seal of approval as well as meet the strict VOC emissions standards set forth by the FCAMC (Floor Covering Adhesives Manufactures Committee).

At APAC, our outstanding success over the years has been the result of developing quality products at a competitive price that are safe for our customers and safe for our employees to manufacture. We will continue to reduce emissions to the lowest levels working closely with our corporate partners as technology emerges.

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