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ADO International
851 Simuel Road
PO BOX 3447
Spartanburg, SC 29304-3447
United States of America
Fax: 888.766.5895
Toll Free: 800.845.0918
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CONTACT: ADO International Spartanburg, SC
Fax: 888.766.5895 Toll Free: 800.845.0918

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 ADO International 
AboutADO International

About Us
The ADO SmartFabrics market segment is the result of extensive research by ADO International—fabrics that are not only beautiful, but also possess intelligent characteristics. Through years of testing, ADO became the first brand manufacturer in the world to succeed at combining a permanent room-air improving function with a long-lasting anti-bacterial effect and fire retardant in one fabric. The individual technologies: ADO ActiBreez® actively improves the room air, while ADO BioProtect® prevents bacteria from collecting in the fibers and SF/Trevira CS ensures that the curtains remain fire retardant.

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